The Anacortes Museum, Maritime Heritage Center and W.T. Preston exist to preserve and interpret the history of Fidalgo and Guemes Islands and to nurture in the community an awareness and appreciation of its heritage.

The Museum Department of the City of Anacortes is inspired to have its services and mission supported so prominently in the 2016 Comprehensive Plan Vision Statement and Values Statements. We will continue in our efforts to achieve the goals outlined below.

CITY OF ANACORTES VISION STATEMENT Anacortes is a unique, creative, vibrant and caring maritime waterfront community that supports cultural and economic diversity and vitality, balances sustainable growth with respect for our history, and protects our natural environment and public lands for future generations.


Provide a Supportive & Connected Community
• Provide good access to town amenities • Provide high quality health and community services • Make education available for people of all ages and abilities • Provide cultural and artistic activities and opportunities • Offer a variety of year‐round recreational and tourism opportunities

Pursue Economic Vitality
• Leverage our marine traditions (waterfronts) • Acquire and retain highly skilled trade/crafts • Foster a lively downtown and commercial areas • Invest appropriately in infrastructure (i.e., utilities, communication, transportation, schools, and services) • Leverage our natural and recreational amenities

Embrace a Culture that Celebrates Anacortes’s History & Natural Setting
• Preserve our historic places and natural surroundings • Preserve the historic, pedestrian‐friendly scale of Old Town and the CBD • Develop design standards reflecting small‐town scale and character • Engage the community and guests in festivals and other events • Provide and protect access to the waterfront and forestlands • Encourage year‐round visitors.