Guemes Channel Trail Phase V - 6th Street to Tommy Thompson Parkway

Map is an approximation of potential route not an accurate reflection of exactly where the trail will be

GCT Map Phase V

Status: Planning

Length: 2,750 feet

Cost estimate: $200,000


  • Find ways to work with other     projects / entities to make connections through the area

This section could have nothing done to it and just allow people to “organically” find their way along streets and sidewalks to the start of the Tommy Thompson Parkway at 11th Street and Q Avenue.  We could also provide some signage in this area helping people find their way or we could do some minor street / sidewalk revisions to create a clear linkage between the two trail sections.  There are quite a few considerations for this area including the potential for minor “side trails” connecting to the water at N Avenue, the Port of Anacortes, etc..  Whatever happens in this section is likely to be part of some other street  / sidewalk improvements and will require coordination with other efforts and entities.