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The Anacortes Museum offers many ways to study and immerse yourself in the history of Fidalgo and Guemes islands. From our exhibit panels to our massive online database of old photographs, the museum prides itself on not only being a time machine for our town, but being one that is able to interpret history for a modern audience. We’ve gotten a little more modern with the launch of an official Anacortes Museum Youtube Channel.

Rare historical footage and films, from as early as the 1950s, have been released from our archives and are up for public viewing. Marvel at the legendary Anacortes Seahawks basketball teams, learn about the extensive waterfront history of Anacortes told by those directly involved, witness the breathtaking destruction of the “Little Chicago” fires of 1957, and more!

The museum has also begun producing exclusive original content for the channel. Whether it is a documentary exploring the early days of the Scott Paper Pulp Mill or an interview and performance with local musician John Van Deusen on our 1866 pump organ, there are more documentaries being produced in-house to look forward to.

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FEATURED: Purse Seiners on the Salmon Banks

Enjoy more vintage film from the Anacortes Museum showing a day on a purse seiner on the Salmon Banks circa 1950. This is expanded footage from clips included in the Perfect Port, featuring Joe Maticich, Mike Pirak, Benny Colacino, and more local fisherman. The old film is introduced by Bret Lunsford and Gib Moore.


Series Listing

John_ShowChimeOrgan Territory

Watch local musicians play on our 1866 antique Packard Pump Organ. Hear unreleased original music and exclusive interviews with some of Anacortes’ finest local artists.

Our TownHistorical Documentaries and Films

For decades, local filmmakers have profiled Anacortes. Its people, its culture and its stunning scenery. Watch how the town has evolved from as early as the 1950s in these incredible films.

elaineArtifact 101

Explore the fascinating histories behind some of Anacortes’ most iconic artifacts. Join collections curator Elaine Walker on an investigation of the interesting items held within our walls.

Little ChicagoHistorical Footage

Raw historic footage from a bygone era. Take a tour of the old mills, watch the devastating power of the Little Chicago fire, pal around with Bobo the Gorilla, all from the comfort of your own home.