Next Steps

Since the last section of the Guemes Channel Trail was completed in 2015, many people want to know what’s next.  For the past four years the City has been actively looking for opportunities to continue building our community trail network. Extending the Guemes Channel Trail will require us to build on either private property or land owned by another public agency. Negotiating that access takes time and tact to respect the rights of these owners.

In addition to access questions, we need to look at environmental concerns with each section, how a new section will tie into existing trails, provision of adequate parking and pedestrian access points, anticipated cost and potential funding mechanisms. All these questions would be addressed during the planning or permitting stage prior to construction of each section. 

Our goal is to build a connection from the Thompson Trail on the east side of Anacortes to Washington Park on the west. Our existing trails have long demonstrated the benefits of connected trail networks: a healthy place to exercise away from motorized traffic, access to the waterfront for both recreation and education, a gathering place for families and a great attraction for visitors. 

This website provides a forum for people ask questions, receive updates and share ideas and opportunities. Please join our discussion.  We look forward to your participation as we move ahead.