Phone & TV Replacement Resources

Some companies try to trap customers with additional services like video and voice through bundle plans. Those bundles add a layer of complexity to switching service providers and keep you on their billing list. If you're ready to switch, but don't know what to do about your TV and phone services, don't worry. We've found some resources to help you "unbundle." Check out our infographics below and find some links to blog posts that compare services beneath that.

Not sure what streaming services carry your favorite channels? Check out this handy website to find the service(s) that work for you.


Stream for Free

Here's a short list of some free and "freeish" streaming services to try out before you fully cut the cable.

Pluto TV - Get some live channels like Bloomberg and CNN along with content from major networks that emulates traditional TV.
Plex - Browse a library of popular TV shows and movies on demand with this free, ad-supported service.
Hoopla - Borrow movies through the Anacortes Public Library with this app to stream or download content for offline viewing.

Not satisfied? Here's some other free services to try:
Xumo, Tubi, Crackle, Roku TV, Vudu, IMDB TV

Video Service Comparisons

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VoIP Service Comparisons

PCMag Top Business VoIP Providers Comparison 13 Top Business VoIP Providers (Their Site May Receive Commission if You Click on a Service)

GetVoIP Landline vs VoIP Comparison (Their Site May Receive Commission if You Click on a Service) Phone System Reviews (Their Site May Receive Commission if You Click on a Service)

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