Access - Anacortes Fiber Internet Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I get billed?

A: Residents that currently receive a utility bill will see Fiber Internet as a new line item on their existing account bill. Customers that don't currently have a utility billing account with the city of Anacortes will have one created.

Q: How do I pay my bill?

A: You can pay online at the city of Anacortes Online Payment page or in person at City Hall.

Q: Is there a fee to have Fiber Internet connected at my home or business?

A: There is a one-time Installation fee of $100 after a representative has performed a walk through and an installation has been scheduled that will be on your first bill.

Q: Will my router work with the Fiber Internet service?

A: Yes, however routers that are more than a couple years old may not meet the newer WiFi standard which would limit your WiFi Internet performance. If desired, we can provide a router that we manage for an additional monthly cost of $10.

Q: Why would I want a Managed WiFi plan?

A: With a Managed WiFi plan, we will provide a high-end router at installation that our department can prepare and troubleshoot. Additionally, customers on a Managed WiFi plan that have larger floor plans will be issued a WiFi extender to ensure wireless coverage throughout the home, at no additional expense. If you provide your own router and have a connection issue that is determined to be outside of our network and hardware, we will not be able to troubleshoot a router or other equipment we have not issued.

Q: If I want to provide my own router, how much should I expect to pay for a decent one?

A: Routers range widely in price and specifications, but you can expect to spend anywhere between $50-$300.

Q: If I start on one service plan, may I move to another plan without penalty?

A: Yes, customers may change plans to accommodate their usage. Billing will be prorated.

Q: How long do I have to keep the service?

A: Residential customers will be on a month to month contract that they may cancel at any time without additional penalty. Business customers must pay for service for an initial 12 month period before their contract becomes month to month.

Q: When can I cancel my former service?

A: We recommend that you keep your existing service provider until Fiber Internet service has successfully been installed, in order to prevent any gaps in service.

Q: If I rent or lease do I need to get permission from my landlord to get Fiber Internet service?

A: Yes, we will contact the property owner on your behalf in order to get permission to install fiber.

Q: What makes Fiber Optic Internet so great?

A: Fiber Optic Internet infrastructure is future-proof, because once data hits the fiber optic cable it is moving at the speed of light.

Q: Won’t 5G make Fiber Optic Internet obsolete?

A: 5G may be great for mobile data, however it will rely on fiber optic infrastructure to the 5G towers and will be used in conjunction with fiber rather than replace it.

Q: Do you cap or limit my data usage?

A: No. There are no data caps on our service.

Q: Is everyone in Anacortes required to get Internet from the city?

A: No. Access will be available to businesses and residents in Anacortes, but service is not mandated.

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