R4 Zone Building Height Community Discussion


Ordinance 3054, adopted by City Council on October 21, 2019, is an interim ordinance declaring an emergency and adopting a moratorium on the acceptance of certain land use applications in the R4 zone that propose to utilize bonus height incentives to achieve a 10’ increase in max. building height.  After a public hearing on December 2, 2019 the City Council adopted Resolution 2068 reaffirming Ord. 3054 and adopting a work plan.

View a Map of the R4 zone (west of Commercial Ave.)

Next Steps

City Council Meeting 4/20/20 - Draft Ord. 3069 Extending Ord. 3054

February 25, 2020 Public Meeting

A public meeting was held on February 25, 2020 to introduce some potential concepts for changes to the code and gather feedback from participants. Over 90 people attended. The feedback we received will be used to inform further development of potential options for code changes, which will be available for public review in the coming months.

If you were unable to attend the 2/25/20 meeting or you have additional comments or ideas you would like to provide, please send them to LibbyB@cityofanacortes.org.  All comments received will be compiled and provided to the Ad Hoc Committee.

Ad Hoc Committee

  • An Ad Hoc Committee of 3 City Council Planning Committee members and 3 Planning Commissioners has been established to review the issue and develop some potential options for consideration moving forward.  

Stay Informed

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