Natural History

Before any human settlement, before Amos Bowman or even the earliest of Natives, there was life on Fidalgo Island - though it was not called Fidalgo Island back then, it was not an island of any sort. That life still exists here today, in the air, earth, water, the plants, the animals, the mountains and the lakes. The story of the land is no less exciting than the stories of those that have lived on it, and it’s a history that runs deep.

Fidalgo Map
Erie Lookout

Snowstorms in Anacortes

We live in a lucky part of the world. Anacortes residents get to enjoy what is, for the most part, a temperate environment. It rarely gets too hot or cold. Survival of the seasons here equates to little more than a coat change from one season to the next. With that in mind, when the weather does get crazy, we are often not as prepared as we should be. Over the years, Anacortes has had its share of hard winters, ones that our comfortable community has embraced and resented. 

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