Museum Scavenger Hunt

Studying history can be a hard task sometimes. Only so much information exists on any given subject, photos can only tell part of a story, text another part. It’s up to the historian to use these puzzle pieces and form them together into a full story. Today, we’re asking you to play the role of historian and get a taste for what the business is like! Using one of our historic photographs and a text clue, decipher the location of the photograph and click on the correct link to take you to the next challenge. Good luck new recruits!


Standard holds a substitute

Hair today - gone tomorrow

Chicken and espresso, first came which?

Pick a park to ponder this.

Anacortes Scavenger Hunt Challenge 1

Was this photo taken at:

A. 21st and R

B. 22nd and Commercial

C. 16th and Commercial

D. 12th and H

Where was this photo taken?