Anacortes Music Showcase

Anacortes prides itself on being a musical and artistic hub. DIY in nature, personal, powerful and creative, the scene that has formed here has been touted by our musicians as one of the best in the world. Perhaps the dreary landscapes of our Northwestern town are the perfect conditions to cultivate a garden of great artists! Over the years, our musicians have brought priceless amounts of joy and reflection to our community. We thought it would be a shame if these important performances weren’t preserved and displayed for future ears, to share the gift that they have given us.  


Burl Ives Last Solo Concert (1991)

Today we are pleased to share with you Burl Ives' last solo performance held at Brodniak Hall to benefit Island Hosptial Pediatric Services. The concert, which "sold out before the advertising ink was dry," netted $20,000 under the sponsorship of the Island Hospital Medical Foundation. The 81-year-old legend gave his all - charming and delighting the appreciative audience for 90 minutes.

A huge thanks to the Burl & Dorothy Ives Estate for allowing us to use this footage. Follow them @burlivesofficial!

All rights are reserved by Wayfarer, Gemini Music Inc. for permission to post the concert video on the Anacortes Museum channel.

New Uniform @ The Guemes Island General Store (2019)

An unusually stormy night in Anacortes led to a concert for the ages on Guemes Island. A headlining act, New Uniform took the stage and quite literally electrified AMPfest 2019. With the recent addition of Carson Paddock to the band, new energy paved the way for a "unique and progressive" performance as described by Lead singer Alex Heubel.  The song featured in the video, Go Home, is unlike most other songs in their discography, at least in the way it was made. Heubel explained how the instrumentals were already finished and that the lyrics were "whatever was fresh on my mind and whatever came out on my first pass through the song." With help from bandmates Dylan Geer and Taylor Dunton, Heubel was able to turn an at first mundane writing experience to a "strangely therapeutic" one. "In a very abstract way I had talked about feelings that I maybe didn’t even know were there."  

John Delourme @ The Post Office (2015)

On a breezy day in May of 2015, John Delourme did what he normally does: popped out his guitar in front of the Post Office and started playing. Today’s track featured "Country Blue" an original by Beverley Edwards. Edwards had came to Jolt Studios in 1996 to show "a couple of song lyrics and asked if [Delourme] would be able to put music to them." One of those songs was ’Country Blue’ as she had "requested something in Country Music." Watch John Delourme’s performance above and check out other Anacortes artist performances over on our channel!

Sleepy Lagoon @ Watermark Books (2014)

Continuing with our Anacortes Music Showcase series and sidewalk concert shows, we have Sleepy Lagoon playing in 2014 in front of Watermark Books. Sleepy Lagoon consisted of Costa Lavigne-Thomas, Dylan Fox, Alex Heubel and Dylan Geer and even though they are no longer active, you can still find some active members in Alex Heubel and Dylan Geer with New Uniform.

Enduro @ The Platt Building (2014)

A free sidewalk rock show occurred on September 1, 2014 featuring hometown favorites Enduro in front of Anacortes’ music hub, The Business. At the time of this show The Business was located in the historic Platt building. It has since moved to the historic Olson building, and continues to culture Anacortes. Likewise, Enduro continues to rock!