War Memorials at Causland Park

Causland Memorial - 2023

Harry Causland

Harry Leon Causland (1887-1918), the man behind the park’s namesake.
Fought and died in WWI.

Early in 1919, the townspeople envisioned a “memorial in Anacortes in honor of those who gave their lives in the Great War.” The Anacortes American opined: “It would be a splendid thing if possible for the city to make arrangements to change the name from Great Northern Park to Causland Park in honor of Harry Causland, who for the heroic sacrifice of his life in France was awarded the highest honor the United States government can give a hero,” and a resolution to do so was passed by the city council on July 15, 1919.

Within a month of its renaming, the community exceeded fundraising goals for a newly landscaped Causland Memorial Park, and Jean Baptiste LePage began in August on its distinctive stonework mosaic. From 1919 through 1921, the amphitheater, bandstand, and bulkheads were built out of thousands of locally gathered rocks. All were worked into designs in the rock walls, then hand-placed and set in cement. On September 25, 1921 a dedication ceremony celebrated the completion of the park. In 1926 the park was extended westward to fill the entire block. A cannon was added on the west side in the 1920s, and removed when it was scrapped for the WWII effort. Another cannon replaced it in 1960.

Lest We Forget Memorial

War Memorial Wall
Dedicated November 11, 1988.


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