2020 Slurry Seal project - Completed August 2020

2020-07-29 DOOLITTLE 03


The City of Anacortes Public Works Department continued its annual plan to slurry seal neighborhood streets with 2020 work on almost three dozen roadways in the area of D Avenue in the center of the city. Asphalt Quality Sealers of Anacortes made repairs to the roadways in June in preparation for the slurry sealing. Doolittle Construction LLC of Bellevue did the actual slurry sealing, completing the work in August.

Project benefits

Slurry sealing a street is comparable to painting house siding every few years. Paint to a house like seal to a street protects against weather deterioration, prevents water infiltration and improves aesthetics. 

Why some streets are slurry sealed and others are not depends on the condition rating given to them by the city. An A grade street is excellent and an F grade street a failure. An A grade street gives positive economy by use of original pavement until it becomes a B grade. D and F grade streets warrant more extensive repair and cannot be helped by slurry seal. B grade and C grade streets receive slurry seal since they are in neither too good nor too poor a condition.