Modern Photographers

Modern Photographers V2

Photography becoming more accessible in the mid-century was merely a precursor to the revolution in consumer photography that would follow soon after. More Anacortes photographers emerged from this era than any before it, so many that our current list of them is only scratching the surface! From artists, to journalists and... for the first time ever - hobbyists, the beauty of Fidalgo island was being captured from all angles, by all types of people.

Leading the charge during this era was Matt Brown. In his youth, Brown rubbed shoulders with past Anacortes photographic masters such as John Brogan and Ferd Brady, continuing their photographic lineage into the new century. Brown took the second Anacortes all town photo on the 4th of July, 1987, the first being done in July, 1890 - it has since become a yearly tradition. He was also instrumental in building a photographic community in town with modern photographers such as Dick Garvey and Lewis Jones.

WF 0042 town photo 1890 July 4

Anacortes' first town photo, taken on July 4th, 1890, by J.O. Booen


Anacortes' second town photo taken nearly a century later on July 4th, 1987, by Matt Brown

Photo and camera shops aimed at both the professional and the layman popped up around this time. Chuck Finn offered photo development and was an early adopter of digital photo processing. While Glen and Sacha DesJardins offered various photographic wares through, The Business. Photographic clubs and classes boomed in popularity, many of the prominent photographers of the era - Desjardin's and Garvey included, also taught photography professionally.