R Avenue Long Term Improvements - Phases 3, 5

R Ave plan map


The R Avenue Long Term Improvements Project, Phases 3 and 5, will add improvements to the R Avenue corridor to enhance safety and multi-modal access.

The improvements will include:

  • Constructing a roundabout at the high-volume R Avenue and 30th Street intersection
  • New curb, gutter and sidewalks to 30th Street between R and Q avenues
  • New curb, gutter and sidewalks to Q Avenue between 29th and 32th streets
  • New curb, gutter and sidewalks to 29th Street between Q and Commercial avenues with a pedestrian crossing
  • 10-foot wide multi-use sidewalks between 22nd and 34th streets
  • Full median on R Avenue from 22nd Street to 34th Street
  • Enhanced stormwater management features
  • Street and pedestrian-scale lighting
  • ADA accessible street crossings
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The City worked with Transportation Solutions Incorporated on a city-wide traffic model to verify the Level of Service at selected intersections. The city is required to maintain a Level of Service C for all intersections. 

The TSI report identified four failing intersections in Anacortes that are considered a Level of Service D. Three intersections are along the R Avenue corridor and the fourth is 32nd Street and Commercial Avenue.

The R Avenue Long Term Improvement Project has six phases of pedestrian and multi-modal projects to address the failing intersections along the R Avenue corridor in addition to other improvements.

These projects and improvements include a non-tranversable median, transit pull-outs, additional or improved sidewalks/walkways, bicycle wayfinding, new signals or roundabouts, traffic calming measures, additional street lighting, bicycle lanes, and physical buffers between pedestrians and walkways.

To date, four out of the six phases have been completed, utilizing various funding sources to construct each phase. The enhancements have included the 22nd Street roundabout; flashing pedestrian beacons near 23rd, 29th and 33rd streets; paving 34th Street; and the Highway 20 Spur re-channelization.

In 2019, this project was awarded $525,488 through the Surface Transportation Block Grant Program via the Skagit Council of Governments to design and provide construction-ready documents for the remaining Phase 3 and Phase 5 projects.

In 2020, Lochner was awarded the contract to design the two phases.


The project will enhance the roadway for vehicle travel, pedestrians, cyclists and other multi-modal means of transportation, public transit and water quality.


It is anticipated the overall project will be approximately $5,000,000 to construct. Project funding will be from multiple sources. 

Current funding: 

$3,500,000 - National Highway Freight Program (NHFP) 

$890,000 - Skagit Council of Governments (SCOG) (13.5% City match) 

$550,000 - Transportation Improvement Board (TIB)  


The R Avenue Long Term Improvement Project will begin construction on Monday, November 6, 2023. 

The project has a 50-working day contract and is subject to weather days based on the work being scheduled. Click here to view the preliminary construction schedule.

There will be detours in place from 34th Street to 22nd Street with alternate routes on Commercial Avenue and T Avenue. A map of the detours is shown below. 

R Ave traffic control plan

R Ave Detours jpg

WSDOT will be retiming the signals along Commercial Avenue between 22nd Street and SR20. Additionally, they will monitor during construction and adjust the timing accordingly. For questions or concerns regarding the traffic signal timing/length during this project, please contact Martin Dedinsky at: 1.206.440.4459 (Desk Phone) or dedinsm@wsdot.wa.gov