ASD Student Information

What You Need To Know

All students enrolled in the Anacortes School District are automatically members of the Anacortes Public Library using their Student ID#. This number can be used to check out books at the public library, as well as online using Library apps like Libby and HOOPLA. 

Visit the Library or login online for: 

  • Access to thousands of library materials - books, audiobooks, eBooks, games, films, and more. 
  • Access is expanded to all students, not just those who live inside city limits. 

Note: Student library cards will be renewed automatically come September 30th, so please ignore any notifications you get about contacting the library to renew.  

Your 6 digit Student ID is your Library number 

ASD ID Card with 0 crossed out on student number

Do NOT use first the 0 (zero) 

What Can You Do With Your Library Card

Having a library card offers you so many possibilities! Here are just some of the amazing resources you have at your disposal. 

  • Books, books, and more books! Either physical or digital books and audiobooks with Libby and HOOPLA

  • Writing a paper? Learning a new language? Use our online databases and learning resources to get started
  • STEAM kits and other activity kits to create music, science experiments, and more.     STEAM kit logo
  • Streaming movies, TV shows, music, and more with Hoopla.
  • Video Games - PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It's time to level up! 

Need Help?

Contact the Librarian: Diana Farnsworth

Phone: 360-588-8067



How does this all work?

Current students, as well as incoming students, will automatically have a Library account created using their Student ID Number.  


What is my student ID?

All students receive a Student ID number from ASD that stays with them each year. If you don't know yours, (elementary students don't receive ID cards typically), you can contact your school or us here at the Public Library to find out what it is. 


How long does my card last? 

Your library card is active as long as you are a student in the district.  


I'm new to the District, when can I use the Library?

Each month the District sends the Library new student information, which is uploaded on or around the 10th. The only exception is September, when we wait for enrollment to be finalized. All new students should have a Library account active by October 15th at the latest.  


How many items can I checkout?

Student Library accounts can checkout up to 10 items at a time. 


Can I use the self-checkout with my Student ID Number?

Yes! You can either scan your Student ID like you would a regular library card or enter your 6-digit ID number. 


How do I login to the library catalog or access digital resources?

To login to the catalog and most of our online resources and database, all you need is your Student ID Number and library account password. 


What is my library password?

Your library password is the last four digits of your Student ID Number. 


Why is my account blocked? 

The Library does not charge late fees, so the only time your account will be blocked is if an item is not returned. You can simply return the item or pay for its replacement if it was damaged or lost, and your account will be reactivated.  


Can I opt out?

Yes, you can opt your child out this offer by using the form linked on the Anacortes School District Public Library page.