Wastewater Outfall Relocation Project

WWTP OUtfall Map


The Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) Outfall Relocation project will install a new WWTP outfall made of a 48-inch diameter high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.

From the plant, the pipe will go 1,631 feet to the shoreline, where the pipe will reduce to a 42-inch outside diameter HDPE pipe for 1,030 feet with an 86-foot diffuser angled to the northeast at approximately 24.5 degrees to better match the bidirectional current.The total length of the pipe will be 2,661 feet from the plant continuing into Guemes Channel. 

The new pipe will be east of the current outfall, terminate in deeper waters farther from the shoreline, and be able to convey larger effluent volumes. The new pipeline will be placed under existing roadways within City right of way. The main purpose of this project is to replace the existing damaged WWTP sewer outfall and relocate it to an area with greater access for future maintenance.

Project Development

The project team is currently working through the federal, state, and local permitting process. Below is the list of the permits and approvals the project is working to obtain. 

  • NWP 7 Outfall Structures and Associated Intake Structures (USACE)  Issued 6/5/23
  • Section 7 Consultations – NOAA concurrence Issued 2/9/23, USFW concurrence received 2/24/22
  • Section 106 Consultation (SHPO and the local Tribes)  Memorandum of Agreement executed
  • Hydraulic Project Approval (WDFW)  Issued 11/5/21
  • Interlocal Agreement (Port of Anacortes)  Completed 4/12/22
  • Aquatic Use Authorization (DNR)  Issued 9/5/23
  • SEPA MDNS (City of Anacortes)  Issued 9/27/21
  • Shoreline Conditional Use (City of Anacortes & Ecology)  Issued 12/20/21
  • Type 4 Shoreline Substantial Development (City of Anacortes)  Issued 12/20/21
  • Operation Permit for Blasting (City of Anacortes)  Pending
  • NPDES Construction Permit (Ecology)  Issued 3/1/22
  • National Environment Policy Act (FEMA) Issued 5/24/23

The contractor (once one is selected) will obtain the Operation Permit for Blasting from the City. once obtained, all project permits and approvals will be secured. 

Project Schedule

The project which once consisted of two phases will now be performed under one contract. The City developed the final contract plans and specifications and put the project out to bid January 10th, 2024. Three construction companies submitted bids for the project and the City is working to evaluate said bids and award the contract. 

As of February 2024, the project has the following status updates:

    • The City has reevaluated the contracting process and determined only one contract would be needed for in-water and upland work.
    • The project team is working with a landscape architectural firm to finalize a design for the Pocket Park which will be located at the end of U Ave. PCED and the Parks Departments will review and approve the final design. 
    • Coordination with all utilities to limit or eliminate any temporary impacts is ongoing. 
    • The City has successfully procured materials for the in-water portion of the project. 
    • The federal permitting process is complete. 
    • Construction is anticipated to start spring 2024.

The project team will work hard to complete construction as quickly as possible to minimize disruptions to residents. We plan to have construction crews work from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Construction crews may work after 5 p.m. and on weekends to help minimize long duration impacts. We will notify residents if and when weekend or late-night work needs to occur.

Construction Detour Routes

The contractor will be conducting construction activities in work zones. Some of these work zones will require detour routes. See the link below for work zone locations, timing expectations, and detour route locations (if required).

Construction Phasing and Detour Plan

Blasting in Residential Areas

The project will conduct controlled rock blasting along Third Street and the north end of U Avenue. Controlled rock blasting will be performed by a Washington State licensed contractor. As a federally funded project, the project team is required to follow federal and state guidelines for blasting in residential areas. WAC 296-52-720 is the state’s explosive-blasting ordinance for local jurisdictions.

For residents within 200 feet of the blast zone (east end of Third Street and following U Avenue out to Guemes Channel) who have justifiable concerns their house or property may incur damage as a result of this project, please reach out to Jordan Widener of Widener & Associates, environmental consultant, at jordancw@widener-enviro.com

Before blasting begins “Right of Entry” agreements will need to be signed between the property owner and the contractor. This will allow the contractor to gain access to individual properties to conduct pre-construction surveys of each property. After construction, if the property owner feels damage has occurred, Jordan and the project contractor will follow up with the property owner to conduct a post-construction survey. Therefore, if any damage occurs, an appropriate estimate will be determined and submitted to the responsible party for payment and/or implementation of the repairs.

Details of the blasting schedule and notifications to the public will be discussed in the project’s blasting plan. Once provided by the contractor, the blasting schedule and notification process will be posted to this page at least 3 weeks prior to blasting activities. If changes occur, email notifications will be sent to residents who subscribe to the project mailing list on the Notify Me page linked above.