1988 Wall Dedication Speech

Jim Rice - Mayor
Mayor Jim Rice

Mayor Rice’s Veteran’s talk

This is the text of the speech delivered Nov. 11 (1988) by Mayor Jim Rice at the dedication for the new Memorial in Causland Park.

“It is unfortunate and tragic through all of history it has been necessary to use force to obtain peace. So many have died for this noble cause. Unfortunately, it may continue to be the same.

We have differences of opinion in our families, friends and community. We resolve these differences by talking and reasoning together.

So it is with other nations. It is doubly important that we continue to negotiate and talk with other nations to settle our differences in a peaceful manner, rather than sacrifice our youth to war.

We cannot force our way of life or structure of government on other nations. But we can try to persuade them and show them the benefits of some form of a democratic nation that insures freedoms for its citizens; assurance of human rights, the privilege of expressing individual viewpoints, the choice of where they shall live, who they may choose to associate with. For that is what these men died for.

Let us not forget with this freedom comes a great responsibility, a duty and a privilege to respect our families, neighbors, friends and our great nation. We are charged with the task to defend and uphold the values that these we honor today died for.

It would be a shame if we shirk or fail our obligation to uphold the principles of those that made the supreme sacrifice for our freedom.

And let us not forget our obligation to the servicemen here today and all the others in our armed forces. Let us dedicate our efforts that their names will not be on a plaque in their community.

May this memorial ceremony not be a one-time, once-a-year occasion. Tomorrow and all tomorrows each one of us should do our part to carry the banner of freedom for those we honor today, and their loved ones.

And as we leave here today, may each one of us say ‘“No more, no more, no more!”