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Rotary Viewpoint Trail Cap Sante Viewpoint Trail - Path Photo

This trail initially winds through the Cap Sante Frisbee Golf course, then continues up a half-mile, climbing 225 feet to the Cap Sante summit. Along the way, Kiosk 3 talks about the park’s creation and the Marinners’ Pageant, a festival that featured Cap Sante. At the trails conclusion, Kiosk 4 shares the story of how Cap Sante got its name, and the geological makeup of the head. Finally, enjoy panoramic views of Anacortes and Mount Baker.

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Marina Walkway 2019.009.110 - Cap Sante Basin with boats and break waters

An easy walk on flat pavement, the Marina Walkway tracks along the shoreline out to public beach access and picnic tables. This walk provides fantastic views of Cap Sante Marina, and is a light walk for the whole family.

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"Little Chicago" 2004.003 - Watercolor painting of "Little Chicago" by Thelma Yamashita (1953)

The area around the rim of where Cap Sante Marina is now was called, for a time, "Little Chicago" likely in reference to the Hooverville-like structures built there. The comparison has been exaggerated as most of the structures were actually boat houses, though some people did live there and many did not have legal claim to the land the structures were built on.

In 1956, the residents were evicted and in 1957, the structures were burned in preparation for the construction of Cap Sante Marina.

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Marine Stadium Trail WF 1646 - Marine Stadium (amphitheater) located on the east side of Cap Sante

The Marine Stadium was constructed for the Marineers’ Pageants from 1937 through 1957 by the Works Progress Administration (WPA).

This quarter mile wooded hike to the historic amphitheater provides unparalleled views to the east.

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