Hillcrest Sidewalk Project

Sidewalk Project


The City of Anacortes Public Works Engineering Department is nearing the completion of construction civil plans for a new sidewalk along Hillcrest Drive. The purpose of the sidewalk, outside of pedestrian safety, is the City of Anacortes Parks Department and Public Works Department were conditioned with the installation of sidewalks for the Cemetery Expansion Project and the Water Reservoir Project on Whistle Lake Road.

In an effort to meet the conditions of approval, the sidewalks will be constructed off-site from each project to provide a better connectivity for pedestrian traffic in the area.

The project limits will begin at Fidalgo Avenue\S Avenue and end at the west entrance of the Cemetery on Hillcrest Drive, with a new pedestrian crossing at Whistle Lake Road and Blue Heron Circle.

Contact Us:

For general questions contact the Engineering Department: 360-293-1920

Steve Lange, Project Manager:


Office: 360-299-1983

Cell: 360-661-3468

Project Benefits 

The project will provide approximately 940-feet of new sidewalk and will include traffic curb and gutter, new sidewalk ramps, and a little storm drainage work.


  • 03-29-23: Ad for Bid Posted 
  • 04-05-23: On-Site Pre-Bid Meeting with Contractors
  • 04-11-23: Bid Opening
  • 05-01-23: Anticipated Start of Construction (20-working days)
  • 05-26-10: Anticipated Construction Completion