Capital Facilities Plan (CFP)

2021-2026 CFP

Public hearing to amend the CFP

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CFP Amendment Documents 

2022-2027 CFP

Draft 2022-2027 CFP Document

2022-2027 CFP Calendar

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The Anacortes Capital Facilities Plan (CFP) presents a schedule of major public facility improvements that will be implemented within the next six-year period. Project design, land acquisition and construction costs and the projected means of financing these costs are integral components of this Plan. The projects included in the CFP were derived from a larger list of capital projects that had been previously identified in the City of Anacortes’ Comprehensive Plan and/or other planning studies that are incorporated into the Comprehensive Plan by reference. Each of these documents contains:

  1. An inventory of existing capital facilities owned by public entities, showing the locations and capacities of the capital facilities
  2. A forecast of the future needs for such capital facilities; and (c) the proposed locations and capacities of expanded or new capital facilities

Urgent Need

The CFP presents only those major public improvements that are viewed as most urgently needed within the subsequent six years. However, these public improvements still require public hearings, environmental review, a public vote in some cases, and annual budget decisions.