Critical Areas Regulations Update

Project Description

The  Growth Management Act (GMA) requires that local jurisdictions periodically review, and revise, if needed, critical areas regulations pursuant to RCW 36.70A.130. Updates are needed to the City's critical areas regulations to comply with the GMA, to allow for integration into the recently established Title 19, Unified Development Code, and to provide improved organization, clarity and predictability. View the existing adopted critical areas regulations (AMC Ch. 17.70).  

Current Draft Documents

Process Timeline

July 2017
1st Draft released
July 26, 2017
Planning Commission (PC) Work Session: Introduction and proposed process overview
August 9, 2017
PC Work Session:
General Provisions; Wetlands; and Fish & Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas (FWHCAs), public input
August 23, 2017
PC Work Session:
Geologically Hazardous Areas; Critical Aquifer Recharge Areas; and Frequently Flooded Areas, public input
September 13, 2017
PC Work Session:
Review of public comments received
October 2017
2nd Draft released
October 23, 2019
PC Work Session:
Introduction; General Provisions; Review Procedures; public input
November 13, 2019
PC Work Session:
Wetlands and Fish & Wildlife Habitat Conservation Areas; public input
November 20, 2019
PC Work Session:
Geologically Hazardous Areas; Aquifer Recharge Areas; Frequently Flooded Areas
November 27, 2019
SEPA Threshold Determination of Non-Significance issued; Notice of Public Hearing issued
December 4, 2019
PC Work Session @ 5:00 PM:
Public Comment Matrix, Discussion
December 11, 2019
SEPA comment/appeal deadline (5 PM)
December 18, 2019
PC Public Hearing @ 5:00 PM
Early 2020
PC recommendation to City Council
City Council review and adoption