Number of Animals & Types Allowed

Maximum Number of Animals Allowed Per Dwelling Unit

  • Up to 4 dogs (16 weeks of age or older)
  • Up to 6 cats (16 weeks of age or older)
  • Or a combination of dogs and cats; not exceeding 4 dogs and 6 total animals
  • See AMC 6.04.060 for additional information. 

Keeping of Hens

The keeping of hens is permitted within the City of Anacortes, with specific guidelines. Note that roosters are prohibited. You may keep up to a maximum of six hens (with the exception of R1 zone which may have up to 12 hens). See AMC 6.10.010 for additional information.

Hoofed Animals

For more information on hoofed animals (horses, ponies, mules, donkeys, bovine animals, sheep, goats, etc.) see AMC 6.14.