Current Exhibit

POSTER2The Photographers of Anacortes

The Photographers of Anacortes exhibit at the Anacortes Museum is designed to be enjoyed by in-person visitors at the Carnegie Gallery (1305 8th Street). It is also available to remote visitors who want to learn about lives of the “shadow catchers” who worked on Fidalgo and Guemes islands during the first century of picture-taking here.

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Online Exhibits

With technology becoming more and more integrated into our lives, we have strived to create content where people are engaging with it. To that end, we have created virtual exhibits on topics maybe too niche or small to fill a gallery for a couple of years, but still interesting and worth public note.

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Past Exhibits

Some of our past exhibits have been presented for online viewing, for those who want to revisit what they saw and those who missed them when they were on display. Other online exhibits are developed especially for a web audience based on research about specific historical subjects and presentations we've made to live audiences.

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