Pursuant to Resolution 1978, the Director of Public Works is authorized to accept contracted work as complete on behalf of Council for all projects. The Director of Public Works has declared Final Acceptance and has authorized staff to close out these projects. Any person or firms having claims arising from this contract are requested to file such claims pursuant to RCW 39.08.030 with the Anacortes City Clerk.

Contract #
Title Contractor Final Acceptance Date
19-054-FAC-003 City Hall Remodel Project - Finance/Fiber Flooring
Mount Vernon Carpet One
October 21, 2019
2019 Asphalt Overlay -
Utility & Pedestrian Improvements
Trinity Contractors Inc
November 1, 2019
19-009-TRN-002 Downtown Sidewalks Phase 4
Trinity Contractors Inc
November 1, 2019
WA Park Restrooms #1 & #7 Doors
Doorman Commercial Inc
November 5, 2019
19-159-LIB-001 Custom Manufacturing Gondola
Valley Cabinets and More Inc
November 8, 2019
19-168-TRN-001 Ray Auld Drive Paving
Lakeside Industries Inc
November 12, 2019
14-056-IDS-008 Fiber Build - Central Broadband District
November 14, 2019