Current Projects

Appliance Rebates                               

This energy saving effort is a part of the “Just Do One Thing” campaign aimed at encouraging all Anacortes citizens to make simple changes in their lives to lower energy consumption.

Green Power Approved                  

The City Council recently approved an initiative to power our municipal buildings with wind.

Commercial Avenue Complete Street Project                     

The Commercial Avenue Complete Street project will implement multi-modal improvements in a two-block area along Commercial Avenue, from 11th Street to 13th Street. The project is part of the South Commercial Avenue Corridor Plan, which assessed streetscape alternatives between 35th Street and 11th Street. The corridor concept advances a "complete street" that will safely accommodate vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

2020 Slurry Seal project                      

The 2020 Slurry Seal project begins July 13. The streets to be sealed this year are mainly around D Avenue in the city center.

Water Treatment Plant Clearwell and Waterline projects 

Construction on a second clearwell and raw waterline to bring water from the intake station on the west side of Skagit River to the Water Treatment Plant on the east side began in June 2020. The projects are expected to be completed by year’s end.

Ship Harbor Boulevard Roundabout                  

The City of Anacortes Public Works Department will begin the Ship Harbor Boulevard Roundabout project Monday, March 16. It is expected to be fully completed May 27. Until then traffic delays and detours will be in place. For more information, contact City Engineer and Project Manager Steven Lange at 360-661-3468 or call the general engineering department at 360-293-1920.

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