Be Sewer Smart!

Follow these tips to keep your sewer system worry free and functioning properly.


  • Ask a plumber about ways to keep your house sewer line trouble free.
  • Call to report any sewer problems or overflow. The City can check the city sewer main before you call a plumber.
  • Deposit all cooking fats, oil and grease into the garbage.
  • Place a wastebasket in each bathroom for the disposal of solid waste, diapers and personal hygiene products.
  • Place eggshells and coffee grounds into the garbage, yard waste or compost bin.


  • Dig without calling 811.
  • Flush diapers, sanitary napkins, newspapers, soiled rags or paper towels down toilets.
  • Plant trees directly over a sewer line; root growth in sewer lines is problematic.
  • Pour chemicals, cleaners, motor oil or solvent down the sewer.
  • Proceed with an expensive sewer line repair without getting a second opinion.
  • Put cooking grease, fats, oils, eggshells or coffee grounds down drains or in garbage disposals.
  • Use an unlicensed or unknown contractor to make repairs.
  • Use the toilet as a wastebasket.