Internship Opportunities

The Anacortes Wastewater Treatment Plant routinely accepts unpaid interns from both Bellingham and Mt Vernon’s technical schools. The plant staff feels it is important to give real world experiences to future members of our industry. Each intern job shadows the three main plant positions, laboratory, plant rounds and incinerator. But the majority of the intern’s time is spent with the maintenance crew on current projects.

Prospective interns need to contact the plant with a request for the internship. The plant takes interns on a first come first scheduled basis. Interns are allowed to set their schedule around school work but only the hours on site are counted for the internship. Multiple interns are accepted if their scheduled hours on site do not overlap. Selected candidates need to complete the volunteer paperwork with Human Resources at city hall 360-299-1941.

Pumps from the various pump stations throughout the city will eventually need to be rebuilt in an effort to save money and extend their purpose. In this picture, Allen Lindbo is showing one of our interns how to rebuild a pump. This is just one example of hands on training that helps an intern better understand the mechanics of the equipment used at wastewater treatment plants and pump stations.

Allen Lindbo Showing Intern how to Rebuild a Pump