Special Events

Special Events put on by the Anacortes Parks and Recreation Department. Most special events are held each year at roughly the same time of year. But, occasionally date changes do occur. We will also do our best to put the major events on the community calendar page. Also, you can view the A-Town Is Our Town publication to see specific information about each special event. Details will be in the publication season listed below in parenthesis.

The Anacortes Great EGGstravaganza 

We had to cancel our normal Egg Dash event due to COVID-19 pandemic. But we are offering another solution to individuals and families to still participate in a traditional egg hunt while practicing good social distancing. Here is how it will work. First, anyone can print off at home the egg outline templates by clicking on the link below. Color the eggs, be creative and make as many as you want. Next, tape them to a window in your home that can be seen from the sidewalk in front of your house. Or you could even place them in the window of a vehicle parked in your driveway (just make sure to remove if you have to drive the car somewhere.) The third and final phase is to take a walk in your neighborhood and see how many eggs you can find. If you have kids in your household you can make a game out of it and keep a tally of how many eggs each child sees.
The more households that participate the better, so help us spread the word! Let’s try to have all the paper eggs displayed in windows by Friday, April 10. Then over Easter weekend, April 11-12, go for a walk in your neighborhood to see how many eggs you find. Post pictures of your "hunt" on Facebook and Instagram using the hashtag: #anacortesEGGstravaganza 

Again here are the steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to print off egg templates.
  2. Color as many as you like. Be creative!
  3. Display pictures in a window of your house that can be seen from the sidewalk. Do this by April 10.
  4. Walk around your neighborhood on the weekend of April 11-12 and see how many eggs you can find. Remember to continue practicing good social distancing!

Egg Design Templates