The Adopted Affordable Housing Strategic Plan

The Housing Affordability & Community Services Council members are currently drafting the Affordable Housing & Community Services Strategic Plan that will serve as a guide for establishing and sustaining housing and human services policies and funding decisions by the City of Anacortes. This document will replace the current Affordable Housing Strategic Plan.

The HACS Committee meets on Thursdays at 9 a.m. Access the agendas here for meeting information or contact Joann Stewart.

  1. Joann Stewart

    Program Coordinator
    Phone: 360-293-1907

The Goal

The goal of the Housing Affordability & Community Services (HACS) Committee is to develop a strategic plan to improve housing affordability, human services, and make recommendations on budget and CDBG (community development block grant) allocations for social services.

Work to Date

The HACS Committee hosts a weekly meeting to obtain community input on affordable housing and the gap in services to the low to lower-income population of Anacortes.

The HACS Committee meets with individuals that work directly with homeless populations, those on the fringe of being homeless or are homeless, service providers, and state representatives. They are gathering as much information to help pull together a comprehensive plan to help people in distress and determine what basic services are missing to help those in need. 

Notes & Information

As the committees work toward the development of the strategic plan, notes and information will be posted.

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