Large Transport Corridor - Completed 2017

Device close
Device Full pole (3)

Traffic Signal
Pole Swivel

City of Anacortes Engineers made transporting large vessels and equipment through the Q/R Avenue corridor easier in 2017 by installing swivel bases on traffic light signals at 17th Street. They are among the first to be installed on the West Coast.

The devices, developed by Blacklaw Manufacturing of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and built by Haskell Corp. of Bellingham, allow one person to turn the signal poles out of the way of passing over-height loads with minimal interruption.

Street lights like those at the 17th Street intersection typically had to be dismantled and removed by Washington State Department of Transportation and then replaced after such big transports.

The modifications were paid for by Andeavor as it prepared to move 50 large-haul modules from the Port of Anacortes docks to the refinery on March Point, the biggest at 35 feet tall, 30 feet wide and 100 feet long.