Why is preservation important?

Our historic buildings are our most tangible connection with the history of our community. These buildings are not hidden away in a museum display case but part of our daily experience, reminding us of our roots. In addition to encouraging civic pride and safeguarding the City's historic, aesthetic, and cultural heritage, preservation helps to stabilize and improve property values. Maintaining the beauty and accomplishments of the past strengthens the city's economy by attracting tourists and new residents.

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1. Are there incentives if I want to preserve my house?
2. Can I get grants or other funds to help me restore my historic building?
3. Can I make an addition to my old building without ruining its historic value?
4. How can I help the AHPB preserve the history and buildings of Anacortes?
5. I want to fix up my old house – must it be brought up to code?
6. What are the duties of the Preservation Board?
7. What can the Board do for me?
8. What is a Certified Local Government (CLG)?
9. What is a Preservation Easement?
10. What is a section 106 review?
11. What is the Anacortes Register of Historic Places?
12. What is the historic inventory (survey) and what is it for?
13. What kinds of buildings can be historic properties?
14. What makes an old building historic?
15. What projects does the AHPB sponsor?
16. Why is preservation important?