How do I check for a water leak on my property?

The easiest way to check for a water leak is to make sure all water faucets in the house are turned off and go to the outside meter. Watch the register on top of the meter for a little while. On a standard household meter, there is a row of numbers on the register, which record cubic feet of water used. Just below the row of numbers is a small red triangle that rotates as water passes through the meter. If everything is turned off in the house and this red triangle is rotating, then you have a leak on your side of the meter. Very small leaks may take several minutes of watching this red triangle to be able to see it move. 

If the leak is causing damage to your house or property, you can shut it down at the gate valve in the meter box. If you cannot find your meter box or you cannot get it shut off, you can call 360-293-1921 during normal business hours and 911 on nights and weekends. The City does not repair leaks on the customer side of the meter - this will have to be done by the homeowner or a plumber. For more information, please call the water treatment plant at 360-428-1598.

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