Why does the trail “dead end”?

The Guemes Channel Trail project is an ambitious undertaking, motivated by the dynamic trail user community of Anacortes. It is multi-phased and opportunistic. It will ultimately serve as a connector from South March’s Point to the Washington State Ferry terminal, and on to Washington Park. In the meantime, please enjoy the phases that have been completed.

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1. Where can I access the Guemes Channel Trail?
2. How do I get to the trail from the ferry line?
3. What are the hours on the trail?
4. Are bikes allowed on the trail?
5. How can I volunteer?
6. Why does the trail “dead end”?
7. How do I get to Washington Park?
8. How can I report damage on the trail?
9. Are horses allowed on the trail?
10. Are motorcycles allowed on the trail?
11. Are dogs allowed on the trail?
12. Can I park my car at Edwards Way/Roadside Park over night?