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City Council

  1. Contact Anthony Young

    An email will be automatically generated to Council Member Young.

  2. Contact Bruce McDougall

    An email will be automatically generated to Council Member McDougall.

  3. Contact City Council

    An email will be automatically generated to all city council members.

  4. Contact Matt Miller

    An email will be automatically generated to Council Member Miller.

  1. Contact Brad Adams

    An email will be automatically generated to Council Member Adams.

  2. Contact Carolyn Moulton

    An email will be automatically generated to Council Member Moulton.

  3. Contact Eric Johnson

    An email will be automatically generated to Council Member Johnson.

  4. Contact Ryan Walters

    An email will be automatically generated to Council Member Walters.


  1. Access Fiber Internet - Business Service Order Form
  1. Access Fiber Internet - Residential Order Form

    Anacortes City Fiber Internet Order Form for Residential Customers


  1. Affidavit of Lost or Destroyed Receipt - PCard

    Submit this form if the original receipt for your PCard was lost or destroyed

  2. Leak Account Review Application
  3. Tenant/Property Manager Billing Form
  1. Auto-Pay Submission Form


  2. Remove Tenant from Utility Bill

    Tenants, owners or property managers may submit this form to have a tenant's name removed from the utility bill. Bills will thereafter... More…

Human Resources

  1. Firefighter Paramedic Employment Application
  2. Parks Seasonal Maintenance Job Application

    General Employment Application

  3. Student Recreational Assistant

    Student Recreational Assistant

  4. Wastewater Treatment Plant Job Application #2

    Wastewater Treatment Plant #2

  1. General Job Application

    General Employment Application

  2. Public Works Water Distribution Maintenance

    PW Water Distribution Maintenance Employment Application

  3. Temporary Maintenance - Water Job Application

    Temporary Maintenance - Water Employment Application


  1. Library Card Online Application

    Fill out this form to sign up for an Anacortes Public Library membership card.

  1. Library Volunteer Application

    This is the volunteer application for the Library.

Office of the Mayor

  1. A-town Submission

    Request space in the next A-town Is Our Town magazine!

  1. Talent Bank Application for Public Involvement

Parks and Recreation

  1. Geocache Placement Permit Request

    Apply for a Geocache Placement Permit here!

  2. Program Scholarship Application

    Application for scholarship for payment of league or class fees for a participant.

  1. Kids R Best Fest Booth Application Form

    Application for community groups to have a booth at Kids R Best Fest


  1. Bicycle Registration Form
  2. Police Citizen Auxiliary Patrol Application
  1. Business / Building Callout Information Update Sheet
  2. Police Records Request

    Copies of police records are available upon request. Reports for active police investigations might not be released.

PW Stormwater

  1. Spill Reporting

    Please fill out this form as completely as possible. You have the option to submit anonymously.


  1. 4th of July - Independence Day Parade Application

    Please enter your float/vehicle or marching group in this year’s 4th of July Parade contest for a chance to win best float or marching... More…

Report A Concern

  1. Citizen Request for Services Form

    Use this form to request or report the following: street or gutter drainage problems, bike paths and catch basin stoppages, street sign... More…

  2. To report an emergency, please call 911.

    For a non-emergency police related incident, please call 360-428-3211.

  1. Street Maintenance Request Form

    Thank you for visiting the Street Maintenance reporting page. We will dispatch our street crew to locate your area of concern.

  2. Website Feedback Form

    Use this form to request help using the new City of Anacortes website or to report any difficulties or broken links you encounter.

Safety Committee

  1. Safety Star Recognition Program

    You have recognized an employee within the City that has demonstrated safety on the job. This person will be entered into a drawing... More…